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    • ayeee thanks for the updates mate!!! Also, Congrats Cody!!!
    • Dear Unique people, Today we have something new for you. We haven't released an update for a while, but we've come back stronger with a lot of content. You can now try out the following updates.  1. ::ultimate (Ultimate Zone) (Link To Guide)  2. ::unique (Unique Beast)  3. ::uniquesuper (Unique Super Beast)  To see the new items you can use :: drops and enter the npc name. We also have a new shop where you can start selling your items for 1b tokens at home. There are also small adjustments, for example, you can now see how much your bank is worth when you open your bank. Hereby I want to announce that Codybearftw has been promoted to Co-Owner, I congratulate him and I hope that we will form a stronger team.   Enjoy our new updates. Developer/Owner 1hit1k0  
    • Note: You cannot use (Upgraded)Owner cape/Omega amulets in this zone. 1. Teleport to ::ultimate 2. Talk to this npc to enter the zone 3. Defeat this npc to get an ultimate point and use it to open the chest. 2. Open this chest for rewards ,you can use your right mouse button to see the rewards.   FAQ What do I have to bring to unique raid? Prayer potions and Food. How many points do I get every time I defeat the boss 1 Point How much hp does this npc have? 350.000 Hp
    •   In-game username: LYSOLVIVID

      When did you start playing?: JUNE

      What timezone do you live in?: GMT+8

      What days and hours are you usually on?: EVERYDAY 

      How old are you: 19

      How do you see yourself as a staff member?: ROBOT THAT HELPS EVERYONE

      Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: CAUSE IM ALWAYS ONLINE AND KNOWLEDGEABLE TO BE ABLE TO HELP OTHER PLAYERS

      Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) N/A

      Which staff member inspires you?: 1HIT

      Additional Info: I HAVE 97 HOURS PLAYTIME  
    • nice application brother!! and goodluck <3
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