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  2. Like. But no understand.
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  4. Everyone Except Bong hit, go subscribe to my yt channel & comment ign
  5. yo nice vid, hmu
  6. Ign Kraccin I really like this server and can't afford donor ATM I'm grinding hard core I've only just started playing this server since yesterday but I plan on playing this everyday
  7. got to try get that. IGN: Big bong hit
  8. subscribe to see more future content & thanks for watching
  9. like, subscribe & comment ign on youtube to sign up !
  10. Hello Unique People! I have added the link to the logo above on this thread so that people can join that way. If you run into any issues with it not working, send me a PM here & I will fix any issues you may have. Or you can leave a post on this thread, and I or any of the other Staff will get back to you. Hope to see some people joining the channel and making the community grow Unique-Ps staff team
  11. Hello firewall, Add me on skype so we can talk further. Skype : pro.silent1 King regards, 1hit1k0
  12. 1. What is your name ingame? : Firewall 2. Make a screenshot of the transaction and put the link here : (Doing on my phone, I added files of the donations below) 3. How much have you donated in $ : $682 4. What items did you lose that you had donated for ? : Honestly, it's been so long ago that I can't even remember.. lol
  13. is the server down? if i login says error to connection
  14. sub to you mate
  15. em like this sever and iwant to go make youtube vids ING:xdreambigx74
  16. Username:Tristens Alt Channel Name: Tristen Rsps Subscribers: 0 because I just restarted to a yt acc cause I didn't want everyone knowing my irl full name but best believe me , thatll change , im not hunting for Forums likes anymore , just subscribers Age: 21 Why should you become a Youtuber?: I may only be just learning to edit videos this month, but I have lots of content on this server & I am a very loyal & honest player & I also feel I can bring more players to our server if I haven't already by making youtube videos for us ! guides, openings and just fun pvming ! I have progressed a lot in my video making skills since my first video on this server and I feel like I am ready for a youtuber rank not because of all of the above but because since I started doing it I noticed editing videos is fun and something I like to do & I will only get better & + I will always make videos for Unique-Ps community and for youtube to see ! please take my application into consideration & thank you for taking your time out of your day to read my application - Tristen
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