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  2. I think Kami has had enough time banned, and should be allowed to play, again. She's had time away from the server. I'd allow a second chance.
  3. So, seeing as how there is no link, or web-hook leading to the Discord channel that the Owner has created, I have taken it upon myself to try helping by creating one. I will be posting the webhook here, where players may join. There are a few Chat Rooms, a Gambling section, a Market, as well as Staff Lounge areas, for staff discussions. Permissions are already set up, as well as temporary background pictures. <-- This is the Webhook. Owners have a room of their own, as well as Admins. More rooms to come, more channels to appear. Let's see this server get bigger.
  4. Last week
  5. if the vps down then you got to wait till staff restart not much else we can do
  6. -1,Why? You are flaiming way to much and you thougth you are rich so everyone else who start is none to you?Nop man And secondly use correct format please Thanks, Best noob p
  7. He told to me yesterday its not working
  8. Server is not down or nothing,so maybe reload client.
  9. I wanted to login im new to this game and this happens
  10. Added your sponsor rank to your account right now:) You need to use ::claim next time bart Thank you.
  11. I would say hide your "Transaction ID" Just in case buddy Thanks, Best noob p
  12. i used the store on forums and i didnt get my rank. 1 Username: bart simpson 2: This email confirms you have paid Said Remzi E. $33.00 USD using PayPal. It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview page. Payment details Receiver email: Amount: $33.00 USD Transaction date: October 13, 2017 Status: Completed Transaction ID: 3AU97664TE4483148 3: $33.00 4: sponor rank
  13. Thank You Sir!
  14. Thank you y Friend!
  15. Great person and really helpful. Im new here and he explained a lot things about server and helped to me. Really appreciate it.
  16. I forgot why stay banned ? More info: Use format man,date? Who banned you? How much you scammed and like that Thanks, Best noob p
  17. Thats the reason why recording is so important
  18. Should stay banned for few weeks more Scamming is hardest rule breaking..
  19. Earlier
  20. As your title, please put your name) In-game username:Best noob pWhen did you start playing?:Today What timezone do you live in?: UTC+02:00 (Finland,Estonia,Etc)What days and hours are you usually on?:Im trying to be online everyday and like 6-8hours How old are you:18How do you see yourself as a staff member?:I see myself good as a staff member,why? Because i love helping peoples and im activeWhy do you think you are fit to become a staff member?:As i said before,im helpful,active and i've played many servers like this one and i know few things about begin Helper! Offence History and why (Bans mute etc): noneWhich staff member inspires you?:Hard to say at the moment because im pretty new... but as i see all staffs are helpful and active Thats great.Additional Info:Im 18 years old,i love to play football irl,and chilling with my friends ! Im helpful(in game and irl),im active in game...trying to fix everyone's problem! Thanks, Best noob p
  21. Username: Kc Youtube Name : Rsps Zain Subscribers: 19 Age: 20 Why should you become a Youtuber?: I try to make so much vid i can , if i have the time for it but safe 2 Videos in a week , I will give my best to get the Server up !!!
  22. hey guys someone keep spam me his name katalystic. and i dont need to talking with him couse i need to be staff ingame and i dont need to lose it so i hope any owner or slaying can talking with him and warning him then im so fine peace guys
  23. hey guys. im need to buy super sponsor rank its costs 75$ bucks for huge offer ! if anyone need pm me ingame and see the offer ithebest my name
  24. hey guys my new vid
  25. Heyo, Name is Zulu or Dylan IRL From Canada 19 year old, I'm currently in the Canadian Army (Part time) So ill tend to be inactive for periods of time. I;m a friendly guy who also likes games so if you see me online hit me up for help
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