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  2. good one bro >>>> keep it up
  3. Format Below: mahmoud hisham In-game username: Mad4Life When did you start playing?: idk but i was in old unique and still playing in new one What timezone do you live in?:Egypt What days and hours are you usually on?:depend on my free time but more 2-3 hours per day How old are you:25 How do you see yourself as a staff member?:fair man - bugs finder - helping players - helping owner - doing anything to improve our unique RSPS Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?:iam noob developer but i can code little so i can help owner with some ideas - helping players alot - and what i have said before Offence History and why (Bans mute etc): no ban no jail - clear history Which staff member inspires you?:1hit1k0 Additional Info:I have no thing to say more than that but i really would like to help this server to be improved alot and help player to achieve more player and more activity thanks for reading my application made by Mad4Life >> and i wish for all players good days and beautiful life <3
  4. ign: shawn
  5. to sign up for giveaway please comment ign , subscribe to my channel and turn on post notifications
  6. welcome to to team & server
  7. Format Below: In-game username: Swedishpker When did you start playing?: for like a week ago What timezone do you live in?: UTC +2 What days and hours are you usually on?: i try to be on everyday, atleast 6-10 hours a day How old are you: im 17 How do you see yourself as a staff member?: I would pay attention to answer all the question which the players has, i am friendly to all players and i welcome all new players. Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: Becuse i am a nice person and i come good along with people and i love to help out, and i have been staff member before. Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) never been mute/banned in this server and on other servers Which staff member inspires you?: im inspired of 1hit1k0 and refund ingame Additional Info: I really want to be a staff helper becuse i love to help out and iam a nice person who dont get angry:)
  8. Hello guys, this is a starter guide for the starters under us. First start at ::droprate, they drop a box which is 1:500 Then head to ::dzone for points & donator scroll If you think you ready go to smbox, goodie or something make yourself feel like this server is you're home! ::commands, ::droprates for every droprate.
  9. I am a young Designers who loves to do 3d work and 2d
  10. I do not see a forum for Designers to show off there work would be cool if you make one
  11. Hi! im Ruq and i have this problem with the game when i turn it on it freeze at 60% and black screen as well then when the game load my hole game freeze and stays black screen and idea how to fix? please i really wanna play this game
  12. any reason?
  13. thank you very much bro i try my best
  14. Whats good Unique-PS, I am O T F you're new co-owner. I am here to let the server grow out more by adving, helping people, making videos etc. Where you waiting for? Get online and lets meet each other! Kind Regards O T F.
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  16. Very nice Apply Killer12. I think you are fit to try out the helper position as long as you show fit which you have been, keep it up man. also this would help us to get staff from other timezones which is helpful, goodluck man! -slayingtime
  17. Format Below: (As your title, please put your name) In-game username: -killer12.When did you start playing?: -ive been playing this for a week now and i really like it.What timezone do you live in?: -UTC/GMT +2 hoursWhat days and hours are you usually on?: -im pretty much on every day whenever i finish school or work.How old are you: -im 18.How do you see yourself as a staff member?: -hardworking,reliable,trust worthy,helping others in need,doing my job... Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: -because i have alot of experiences with being staff,i have also been an owner myself.Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) -i have never ben banned or mutet in unique,neither from any rsps..Which staff member inspires you?: -slayingtime,i have also known him from before very good man and a better friend.Additional Info: -i know all my tasks as a staff member,if i catch anyone advertising or hacking(duping),dissing the server i first warn them and tell the owner bout this then i take action before anthing serious starts to happen,either mute them,jail them or ban them,even if hes my best friend i will do this to protect the server.thank you for viewing this application i hope you like it. Like this
  18. go check my yt channel at:
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