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  2. but 1hit will also be inspiring you im sure he is just busy with school atm, but he is a really nice and helping guy,and a great owner im sure you will see that
  3. nice application! and goodluck!!
  4. In-game username: Andrew When did you start playing?: 11/18/2019 What timezone do you live in?: +2:00 GMT What days and hours are you usually on?: Every day from 7:00 PM to 12:00 PM How old are you: 20 ( 15 / 11 / 1999 ) How do you see yourself as a staff member?: I would be the type of staff that would be helpful, kind, and fair concerning everyone. Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: I got a lot of experience in being Moderator, Admin, Helper, and Support in many old private servers. Offense History and why (Bans mute etc): None. Which staff member inspires you?: It would probably be Cody, since I joined he has been kind to me and to everyone. Additional Info: I am free to be any kind of staff. ( I actually prefer helper ) and I know a bit of everything on private servers. Thank you for taking the time for considering me. Sincerely, Andrew.
  5. In-game username: YumekoWhen did you start playing?: 09/14/19What timezone do you live in?: gmt +2What days and hours are you usually on?: 4PM - 9PM (weekends could be on all day if im not busy)How old are you: I'm 15How do you see yourself as a staff member?: I would see myself as sympathetic, actually caring and actually doing my job.Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: Helper or moderator.Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) None Which staff member inspires you?: Probably CodybearFTW, because he is active at the moment and i've only seen him work.Additional Info: Uuh, i really like this server haha.
  6. When killing an NPC, their HP resets to one that is way higher than the default HP. For example, if one had 948HP and it was dead, it would reset its HP to 6k+
  7. Hey, I've got no clue how to start this thread but here we go. Basically developers should buff the accuracy of razor glaives since it is like bis melee weapon at the moment and it should hit more often
  8. Vote for the suggestion you want to see above
  9. Format Below: (As your title, please put your name) In-game username: LightWhen did you start playing?: A couple of weeks agoWhat timezone do you live in?: ESTWhat days and hours are you usually on?: All week and usually between 11 AM to 10 PM How old are you: 20How do you see yourself as a staff member?: I see myself as an enforcer of the ToS and Rules, making sure everyone is helped and doing the right thing. I see myself bringing Unique-PS into a higher elevated state, which members are informed of the rules and play respectfully. Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: I have over 6+ years of experience in user-safety and administration on various platforms. I would make sure that the server is in tip-top shape and all of the users are following the rules and are helped adequately. I have owned 2 RSPS's with over 1k members, unfortunately, they were shut down. HR is my background,Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) NoneWhich staff member inspires you?: 1hit1k0 & CodybearFTWAdditional Info: This server is Unique
  10. Hey guys hope all is well! I've recently got a new drop of "ULTIMATE RING" From the new ::Ultimate Boss, and I would like to sell, or most preferably trade for the amulet or other drops from the chest (as of 07/16/19) If you're interested let me know either in game "ToolieJ" or catch me here and chuck a PM! Cheers ToolieJ!
  11. Heyya Guys ! I'd Love to start by thanking the community for how much they've helped me and if I do become a staff member I will deffenently give back!! So thanks for this opportunity in advance! So to start off my name is Jacob ! My In game user is ToolieJ if you see me you're all welcome to ask me for any assistance I can give ! I started playing around a month ago (15th of June 2019) and I managed to snag myself a really nice community with creating my account ! The timezone in which I live is GMT +10 (Which is Australia, Melbourne). The days in which I play vary due to work and my new born Bubs, but most week nights and yes weekends, hours vary anywhere from 1-5 hours (5 weekends 1-3 weekdays). I am currently 21! The way I see myself as a staff member is someone who helps the community especially in times of need like my Australian hours I have barely any staff on but some people tend to be on I still try to help to my ability, I see myself trying to input more to the community and improve the game to the best of my ability! I also see myself trying to bring more ideas and help on updates if possible! I think I'm fit to be a staff member because I try to help out in the community to the best of my ability as it is and I believe I can put more input in the game showing as a staff member and helping out not only in game but also out of game on forums, discord ect and even just being a good friend !Offence history, in Runescape itself back in like 2007-2010 I swore and got several mutes, I was like 12.. haha thought I'd throw that one in Both 1hit1k0 and Cody Both inspire me as they're great leaders and I look up to them as staff and can hopefully oneway soon join them in their quest to bring the best server in RSPS History! Anything additional that I would like to add... Well I am Australian, two weeks ago I had my first baby (Girl) in which I am enjoying so much! That concludes my Staff application, I hope I can proceed from this and gain everybody's trust and be as much help as possible to the current and new community for years to come! Have a good evening ! Cheers ToolieJ!
  12. ayeee thanks for the updates mate!!! Also, Congrats Cody!!!
  13. Dear Unique people, Today we have something new for you. We haven't released an update for a while, but we've come back stronger with a lot of content. You can now try out the following updates. 1. ::ultimate (Ultimate Zone) (Link To Guide) 2. ::unique (Unique Beast) 3. ::uniquesuper (Unique Super Beast) To see the new items you can use :: drops and enter the npc name. We also have a new shop where you can start selling your items for 1b tokens at home. There are also small adjustments, for example, you can now see how much your bank is worth when you open your bank. Hereby I want to announce that Codybearftw has been promoted to Co-Owner, I congratulate him and I hope that we will form a stronger team. Enjoy our new updates. Developer/Owner 1hit1k0
  14. Note: You cannot use (Upgraded)Owner cape/Omega amulets in this zone. 1. Teleport to ::ultimate 2. Talk to this npc to enter the zone 3. Defeat this npc to get an ultimate point and use it to open the chest. 2. Open this chest for rewards ,you can use your right mouse button to see the rewards. FAQ What do I have to bring to unique raid? Prayer potions and Food. How many points do I get every time I defeat the boss 1 Point How much hp does this npc have? 350.000 Hp
  15. In-game username: LYSOLVIVIDWhen did you start playing?: JUNEWhat timezone do you live in?: GMT+8What days and hours are you usually on?: EVERYDAY How old are you: 19How do you see yourself as a staff member?: ROBOT THAT HELPS EVERYONEWhy do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: CAUSE IM ALWAYS ONLINE AND KNOWLEDGEABLE TO BE ABLE TO HELP OTHER PLAYERSOffence History and why (Bans mute etc) N/AWhich staff member inspires you?: 1HITAdditional Info: I HAVE 97 HOURS PLAYTIME
  16. nice application brother!! and goodluck <3
  17. In-game username: BlizzardWhen did you start playing?: 01/04/19What timezone do you live in?: (GMT+1)What days and hours are you usually on?: i am only usually from 7am through until midnight on and offHow old are you: 18How do you see yourself as a staff member?: As staff for unique i see myself helping and getting to know the player/servers to my first interest to make sure that everyone is happy and knows what they're doing. I also see me helping with several other things such as events n hosting chilled event with everyone to make the server experience as fun and as exciting as it can beWhy do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: I think i am fit to because staff for unique as i am a team leader with a lot of experience, i can be quite serious yet have a good time as well. i am easy to get a long with and am usual for a range of things such as gfx etc, i also have experience in other 5/10+ player servers.Offence History and why (Bans mute etc)Which staff member inspires you?: CodeybearFTWAdditional Info: If i was to get staff on Unique everyday it would be my priority to be on day n night protecting and keeping the server a happy place:) but regardless of the choice to come i still enjoy playing Unique and will keep playing and enjoying it! i hope you guys take some time and consideration many thanks:)
  18. Great guide, thanks for this!
  19. Mystery Box Loots: ---------------------- Money Bag - (Contains 250B-2T Cash Depending On Rng) Lunar Amulet - (550 Prayer Bonus) Veteran Cape - (380 Strength + 380 Prayer Bonus) Unit Gloves - (350 Str + 350 Prayer Bonus) Ring OF Wealth - (3% Droprate) Burst Ring - (5% Droprate) Super Mystery Box Loots: ------------------------------ Money Bag - (Contains 250b-2T Cash Depending On Rng) Member Cape [$] - (580 Strength + 580 Prayer Bonus) Camulet - (750 Prayer Bonus) Dragon Gloves - (550 Str + 550 Prayer Bonus) Dragon Ring - (6% Droprate)
  20. Username: Lysolvivid Channel Name: Lysol Vivid Subscribers: 3 Age: 19 Why should you become a Youtuber?: because I can create content whenever I want and I want to help the server to grow
  21. nice application brother! and goodluck <3
  22. Nice application brother! and goodluck man <3
  23. In-game username: NXTMWhen did you start playing?: about june 3rdWhat timezone do you live in?:ESTWhat days and hours are you usually on?: Normally on everyday at night from 8pm est to 1 or 2 am estHow old are you: 21How do you see yourself as a staff member?: I see myself helping and assisting player as they have the best expierence on unique-psWhy do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: Im a good fit because im a friendly person and easy to deal with. I understand people will always have questions from easy things to complicated and im ready to deal with it all.Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) no bans or mutesWhich staff member inspires you?: cody. hes always on and there if you need himAdditional Info: not really much to add get staff or not im here to stay and help as a devoted member of the community. Like this
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