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  2. Honestly i dont like video guides but gotta say you did a great job, very detailed guide!
  3. Agreed on all of them especially the slayer one! since i'm slayer addicted haha.
  4. Hey guys! As you can see my Ingame name is Cnat Sepll. My reall name is Sabrina i'm 23 years old and from Belgium. I'm an old player and probably played all 1hit's hes servers lmao Glad to be back in the community! If you have any more questions feell free to pm me ingame or forums!
  5. 1. What is your name ingame? : Cnat Sepll was my name from old server. now i use Sabrina ( real name ) 2. Make a screenshot of the transaction and put the link here : 3. How much have you donated in $ :
  6. Nice guide.
  7. Regular players Weapons 1. Ice katana - 500b (500 1B Tokens) 2. Blast sword - 700b (700 1B Tokens) 3. Electric glaives - 1.5T (1,500 1B Tokens) Donator+ players Weapons 1. Dragonic katana - 20T (20,000 1B Tokens) 2. Shadow glaive off-hand+mainhand - 25T (25,000 1B Tokens) Regular players Armours 1. Ice armour (full set) 500B (500 1B Tokens) 2. Gold dragonic armour (full set) - 1.5T (1.5T 1B Tokens) Donator+ players Armours 1. Sea dragonic armour (full set) 25T (25,000 1B Tokens) 2. Rusty armour (full set) *this is the dragon slayer armour black one* - 75T (75,000 1B Tokens) 3. Shade armour (full set) *this is the dragon slayer2 armour purple one* - 45T (45,000 1B Tokens) Mystery box - 150B (150 1b Tokens) Super Mystery Box - 500B (500 1B Tokens) Omega Potion (4) dose - 1T (1000 1B Tokens)
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  9. 1. Click on your settings tab. 2. Click on HD (High Detail) and New gameframe. now you have better graphics! Enjoy!!! Owner/Developer 1hit1k0
  10. 1. Go to ::well 2. Contribute 100b into the WellOfGoodwill Everyone now has a 2% dropchance decrease for 2 hours! Enjoy!!! Owner/Developer 1hit1k0
  11. Thank you.:)
  12. Thanks for these ideas they are good, i am going to work on them! Owner/Developer 1hit1k0
  13. ✦ Add Ironman sign to ::yell and also re-name [Ironman] ✦ Remove [Yell] and leave just [Owner]:Name etc. ✦ Change some items model ints,mostly weapons like starter weapon,ice katana etc. ✦ Add Minigame where you can kill npc for keys.You start at Floor 1 and you need Floor 1 key to enter Floor 2.You will have to past Floor 3 for boss fight,after you defeat boss you will get a reward. ✦ Add slayer with slayer point shop.Also while killing npcs on task you can get slayer box as a random reward. ✦ Add barrows minigame with custom rewards. Thats it for now,thank you for reading.
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  15. 1. Click on your world map or use ::teleports 2. Click on bosses and after that click at MoneyBag Here you could grind for moneys bags inside the bag theres upto 250 1b tokens! Have fun!! Owner/Developer 1hit1k0
  16. There will be 5 rings ingame that will lower the dropchance on all bosses. Each ring will lower the droprate of an npc with 2-6%. Let's say that a boss has 1: 500 droprate and you have a ring that gets 3% off, then the droprate of the boss automatically becomes 1: 485. Rings -------------- 1 = blury ring(1b shop) 2% 2 = ring of wealth (mbox) 3% 3 = Gold ring(points shop 4% 4 = Burst ring(mbox) 5% 5 = Dragon ring (Donator mbox) 6% Have fun!!! Owner/Developer 1hit1k0
  17. NOTE : You need the following items : Omega Uncharged amulet - Omega amulet - Omega potion(s) 1. Buy an omega uncharged amulet and an omega amulet in the 1b shop at home. 2. Go to The omega boss and grind for some potions. ::teleports/World map - Bosses 3. Drink a potion to get balls . 4. Use the ball(s) on our omega (uncharged amulet) Now you can use your omega amulet per ball for 1 minute. The omega amulet is equal to the owner cape its 1 hitting every npc! Have fun! Owner Developer 1hit1k0
  18. Ty!
  19. nice guide!
  20. Dear Unique players, This explanation is for people who are new and for the people who were already there but do not know how to start. 1. Once you log in you can request 150 Dragon bones at this npc. 2. After you have done that you can click on your skills tab and then go to the altars to use them. 3. Now you can use the command ::teleports or your world map to open the teleports interface. 4.After this you can choose between the crystal key boss and the starter boss to start grinding. Have fun! 1hit1k0 Owner/Developer
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  22. I am a young Designers who loves to do 3d work and 2d
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