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  2. based on your recent actions ,I give this application a NO
  3. giveaway

  4. What a good guide ^^ Thanks, Best noob p
  5. To sign up like my youtube video, comment your ign on it and make you your subscribed, there will be three winners , i hope this helped you & you enjoy-Tristen
  6. In-game username: zverWhen did you start playing?: +-1 year ago.What timezone do you live in?: GMT +1.What days and hours are you usually on?: Always when im by my PC.How old are you: 24How do you see yourself as a staff member?: Positive and HelpfulWhy do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: Friendly, always communicate with players, always trying to help people if they need any anythingOffence History and why (Bans mute etc): noneWhich staff member inspires you?: support +Additional Info: Unique-PS, Eat, sleep REPEAT. Playing rsps for a long time, and not gonna STOP.
  7. Thank You Buddy <3
  8. Vouching for this guy! Helped me alot, for a new player thats what is needed!
  9. it was a team effort
  10. Damn Nice Guide Buddy Thanks, Best noob p
  11. Rusty Set-150T (150,000 1B Tokens) -30T Each Piece(30,000 1B Tokens) Shade Set 75T (75,000 1B Tokens) -15T Each Piece(15,000 1B Tokens) Sage Set 40T (40,000 1B Tokens) -13.3T Each Piece (13,300 1B Tokens) Sea Set 30T (30,000 1B Tokens) - 10T Each Piece (10,000 1B Tokens) Barred Set 20T (20,000 1B Tokens) 6.5T Each Piece(6,500 1B Tokens) Lush Set 10T (10,000 1B Tokens) -3.3T Each Piece(3,300 1B Tokens) Gold Dragonic 5T (5,000 1B Tokens) - 1.5T Each Piece(1,500 1B Tokens) Ice Set 500b (500 1B Tokens)- 125b Each Piece (125 1B Tokens) Shadow Set ? / ? Per Piece Custom Weapons Shadow Glaive Off-Hand+Mainhand -100T For Set (50T Each)-(50,000 Or 100,000 1B Tokens) Burgeon Blade - 20T (20,000 1B Tokens) Twin Sword - 15T (15,000 1B Tokens) Dragonic Katana - 10T (10,000 1B Tokens) Electric Glaives - 1Tx2=2T (2000 1B Tokens) Ice Katana - 500B (500 1B Tokens) Blast Sword - 800B (800 1B Tokens) Mysterybox Items Mbox Price-3T (3,000 1B Tokens) Lunar Amulet-2.5T (2,500 1B Tokens) Unit Gloves-5T (5,000 1B Tokens) Veteran Cape-2T (2,000 1B Tokens) Burst Ring (5% Droprate)-5T (5,000 1B Tokens) Ring Of Wealth(3% Droprate)-3T (3,000 1B Tokens) Gold Ring (4% Droprate)-4T (4,000 1B Tokens) SuperMysteryBox Items Supermbox - 7.5T (7,500 1B Tokens) Camulet- 7T (7,000 1B Tokens) Dragon Gloves- 8T (8,000 1B Tokens) Members Cape- 9T (9,000 1B Tokens) Dragon Ring (6%dr)- 15T (15,000 1B Tokens) Other--- Minigame Tokens 250b (250 1B Tokens) Omega Potion(1)-1.5T(1,500 1B Tokens) (Carries Through (2)(3)&(4) Omega Ball- 1.5T Each Ball (1,500 1B Tokens Per Ball)
  12. Thanks Buddy <3
  13. helped as soon as I joined supported! gl
  14. Ty mate <3
  15. Thanks Buddy <3
  16. well done application mate. goodluck on ur helper. support!
  17. nice application bro!
  18. ay nice application bro
  19. (As your title, please put your name) In-game username: Best noob pWhen did you start playing?:Started yesterday(But i've played before also)What timezone do you live in?: UTC+2hWhat days and hours are you usually on?:Im online everyday,around 7-10hour everydayHow old are you:19How do you see yourself as a staff member?:I see my self active and helpful staff memberWhy do you think you are fit to become a staff member?:Helper.Offence History and why (Bans mute etc): NoneWhich staff member inspires you?:Additional Info:Im 19 years old,i've played rsps's for like 8years from now.I'm really active player
  20. Nice guide,but you must add possible loots from that Thanks, Best noob p
  21. giveaway

    Done GL everyone
  22. So I was in the making of my Zero to hero video and though of a bunch of great ideas to help the server in content here they are feel free to comment your thoughts. Add a Kill count beside each player name upon yelling and have a requirement of yelling when first joining (Unless Staff/Donator. Add a command for staff to send a broadcast system announcement to alert people of a sale on donations or a youtuber has uploaded a giveaway video or is streaming and post there link there on the client kind of like a yell command or a current hot spot guide that was recently posted on forums Please add Well of good will at home area Add a pvm point shop where you can get pvm points every 3 kills is the equivalent to 1 point in the shop we could possibly add some omega potions in there for decent money we could add in alot of stuff. Can we add the collector level 5 fashion things but add a drop rate to them and have it exclusive to donators only? @tristen @1hit1k0
  23. Cool looking forward to it @tristen Keep me updated!
  24. We're thinking about adding something like this for achievements completionist cape in the near future @fashion god
  25. Suggestions By Fashion God So what i was thinking is having a level system to certain zones for pvm such as we can add a whole bunch of new zones with requirements to get there such as kill 500 of mboxs and after the next zone it would be a requirement of 800 of gold dragonics + 30 mini games completed to advance into the next zone. that's what I think we could do So another thing i thought we could do is have a Diary for achievements for pvm such as first achievement would be kill 30 mboxes. We could do that with everything in the game and have a reward with it as well nothing that could break the eco but something extra we can work toward just to say yeah I have a completed diary.
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