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  2. Dear unique people, We have worked hard on these updates, and more and more updates are coming soon! ::quests ( 2 different quests Unique cape and Members zone (memberszone is only for donator + ) ::energy ::memberszone ::energypoints/::memberpoints Droprates and new itesms have been added ingame. Link to download the new client: 5.6.jar hope you like these updates and support us. Developer/Owner 1hit1k0
  3. #Bump Just close it ^^
  4. understand :0 but owner also not on always? Maybe next time
  5. @tristen im online every day for couple hours, how much more active do i have to be .
  6. @skk You need to be more active . as of right now . its a no but very well could change
  7. @Jay You need to be more active , as of right now its a no .
  8. @da max You need to be more active , as of rn its a no.
  9. @Sir Dope if you want staff you need to be more active , as of right now , its a no.
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  11. In-game username: skkWhen did you start playing?: Months back What timezone do you live in?: GMT+8What days and hours are you usually on?: 1-2 Hrs or longer whenever i am Online except weekendsHow old are you: 20+How do you see yourself as a staff member?: HelperWhy do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: I Love this Server and hope to contribute in one way or another to the communityOffence History and why (Bans mute etc) NoneWhich staff member inspires you?: Tristen, CodyBearftw, 1Hit1K0Additional Info: Temp Helper. I learnt before coding and would like to learn or contribute in anyway.
  12. @chillingkill95 Sign up thru youtube Please & thank you .
  13. Good Fight Bro im here to Join : Chillingkill
  14. To sign up for giveaway , Like this video, comment ign & ofcourse subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching and stay tuned for future content
  15. As for #1 there is ::droprateitems , and as for the prices will be added soon dw, our economy may not be 100% right now , but it will get better, as for #7, we have discord as for #8 we have plenty of pets & plenty more to come As for #9 you can obtain x2 xp lamps from mystery boxes @mbox , as for #10 that is not an easy task but we have talked about it a little bit and probably adding more upgrading pets- maybe even items in the near future as for the the suggestions I didn't just mention , that would all be up to @1hit1k0 But great ideas! - Best regards-tristen
  16. There may be some suggestions that I mentioned that are already added and what not, but I'm definitely going to continue to add/update suggestions to this list. As of now, this is what I currently have: 1. As of now, we don't really have an economy. Sad to say, but it's the truth. We're currently in the quintillions, which is fine for a server, as long as we have things situated. I believe that our owner has to create a drop rate thread, as well as a price guide for almost every single custom. This way, we can go around things.. We have no prices for items, so substantially, it goes back to my first point. No economy. 2. Player-owned shops would be pretty cool to see. Perhaps, we could add a new zone called: "::market"... 3. Allow regular players to gamble with a anti-scam interface. 4. Add trivia questions and a trivia store. 5. Add a loyalty point system + loyalty point store that's lit so players are active. 6. Add raids. 7. Add Discord server for our server. 8. Not sure if we already have, but add pets. IF we already do have pets, add some UNIQUE ones! 9. Add lamps for experience at a zone, so players can max. Also, add a prestige npc with a prestige store. 10. Add a ::upgrade feature to some selected items where you have 50% chance of upgrading a said item, where then, a player has 50% chance of losing the item completely. 11. Update the vote store. It's too bland, and a reason why our server isn't getting out there is because nobody is voting. 12. Accept all donations. (OSRS/RS3 GP) 13. Add Noteable customs. 14. Add a drop simulator similar to this:
  17. That's called Torva. lol.
  18. Hello there! I am Audacious! I found you guys through youtube, and I'm going to start advertising our server to help get it out there! If you need anything, feel free to ask me!
  19. Hope this is helpful for everyone Thanks for watching and be sure to stay tuned for more guides!
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  21. Wow, I see this suggestion has stirred up a lot of interesting feedback. I can understand all parties opinions. I am very pleased that 1hit1k0 wouldn't mind to see something like this in the possible future.
  22. Everyone make sure to go like and comment ign on my recent giveaway! :):) Moderatortristen

  23. @Sir Dope @big bong hit All owner capes will remain the same but for the people who cant donate for them they very well be given a chance to get a lesser owner cape in the near future tristen
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