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  2. this guy cant be trusted
  3. Format Below: name: miro In-game username: rikassuomiWhen did you start playing?: long time ago before resetWhat timezone do you live in?: UTC+02:00 What days and hours are you usually on?: monday - sundayHow old are you: 22How do you see yourself as a staff member?: helpfullWhy do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: because i am always happy to help and keep eyes on that all plays by rules Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) noneWhich staff member inspires you?: helper / moderator Additional Info:
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  6. Username: Ice c Channel Name: Harmony nebu (will change it soon probably) Subscribers: 19 Age: 18 Why should you become a Youtuber?: i was making videos for a mobile game and i really liked it, now im not playing that game and i wanna make content and help the server out with my videos that might bring new players into the game.
  7. hey guys i hope to back my owner cape
  8. huh bro i didnt mean the upg cape i mean the normal one
  9. Welcome back bud!
  10. Hello Everyone! As you guys probs know,i was offline for a while... had problems irl.. but now im back Lets hope we can see you all in soon again Thanks, Best noob p
  11. Gl with that Ur Owner cape Upgraded you lost to me on diceduel But Gl anyways! Thanks, Best noob p
  12. thanks matey for the amazing update
  13. hey everybody today im back to unique-ps just saw the huge update and i was excited for thats and im back to the game before i quit the game i was losing my huge bank and droped my owner cape because i was very mad for my losing to my bank and i hope to 1hit1k0 back it to me <3 peace!!!
  14. Another fix would be having c keys and c chest be kinda worth getting. maybe give items that are better than starting gear and possibly a rare item of drop rate %
  15. Great vid just put the forums link please;)
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