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  1. Added your sponsor rank to your account right now:) You need to use ::claim next time bart Thank you.
  2. Hello i've recieved your payment you will get your rank in a sec. it should be http://unique-ps.com/store/ for the next time:)
  3. Hey look at your pm.
  4. Use the format to get a refund
  5. /refunded
  6. Great apply you will hear from us soon!
  7. it looks good but you should use the format at staff applications
  8. If you give me your skype ill help you out
  9. We did a eco reset you could get your donated items back at lostdonations new update in a week to get the client crash fixed and some new updates
  10. Hmm i will look at it thank you will be fixed!
  11. Will be fixed soon. Hey man delete the cache at C drive/ users / pc name / .unique-ps5.1 and unique-ps5.1 after that try it again thank you.
  12. /refunded
  13. Ty
  14. Soon;)