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  1. I had super sponsor owner cape 50% ring and ammy - was donated for a while back should come in use now
  2. i didnt get any droprate @7pvm @1hit1k0 @admin
  3. Hello, i bought super sponsor and my drop rate did not change.. isnt it suppose to? help
  4. mention me @hell of pk if you're interested
  5. Thanks for your help @kek and yeah guys pm me in game if u wanna sell it
  6. +1 rawr rawr
  7. +1 rawr
  8. Username: hell of pk Rank:sponsor Age:15 Do you understand 55x2 works? Yes host rolls 55+ better wins 54 or lesshost wins Do you understand how Blackjack works?: Yes closest to 100 ( hit or stay ) Do you understand how Dice Dueling works?: Yes take turns rolling higher roll wins Why should you become a Trusted Dicer?: I never scam people and im an ACTIVE dicer
  9. username: hell of pk rank: sponsor why should i be leader?: i have good sportsmanship and know how to guide a team
  10. Username:hell of pkDate/Time of punishment: july 21 2017Punishment received: muteReason for punishment: not sure i did nothing wrongWhy should your appeal be accepted: i dont know what i even did wrong and i recieved no warning as if i was doing anything wrong and i am a very nice person and im sorry for causing this.Additional Info: I have no additional info except to say im sorry for what ever i did if i was bothering anyone. thanks for your time