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  1. understand :0 but owner also not on always? Maybe next time
  2. In-game username: skkWhen did you start playing?: Months back What timezone do you live in?: GMT+8What days and hours are you usually on?: 1-2 Hrs or longer whenever i am Online except weekendsHow old are you: 20+How do you see yourself as a staff member?: HelperWhy do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: I Love this Server and hope to contribute in one way or another to the communityOffence History and why (Bans mute etc) NoneWhich staff member inspires you?: Tristen, CodyBearftw, 1Hit1K0Additional Info: Temp Helper. I learnt before coding and would like to learn or contribute in anyway.
  3. ign: skk
  4. ign: skk nice opening with the boots!!
  5. Noo
  6. ign: skk