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  1. IGN: Sir Dope <3
  2. And #5 is ?? @Meyr right
  3. Wewwew like hunter.... I forgot
  4. Aii looks like a sick set,
  5. Diff timezones ~
  6. Do you got the 5.4 Client, and did u tried out to login with a ''new account?'' since this Error mostly comes up if u keep failing ur password.
  7. Goodluck + 1
  8. IGN: Sir Dope #goodluckeveryone
  9. To be honest diff timezone i guess, but i try to be more on
  10. Redownload --> next to Browse
  11. You really should try to be patient...
  12. In-game username: Sir DopeWhen did you start playing?: A couple of years ago i started to join the server and went a bit unactive due my work situation.What timezone do you live in?: CET UTC/GMT +1 hourWhat days and hours are you usually on?: I try to be on every single day, for like 6-12 hours a day,How old are you: 23, becoming 24 at 22 MarchHow do you see yourself as a staff member?: I would pay attention to answer all the question which the players has, i would pay attention on scammers, dupers, and people with bad behave, i would pay a lot of attention at my gaming time.Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: I think i would fit, because of my game experience and well knowing the source, i know how to handle the job and how to help correctly.Offence History and why (Bans mute etc): None, i always behave myself,Which staff member inspires you?: 1Hit1K0 and Mocro [in the past]Additional Info: I hope i would be approved to enter the team, due my experience and activity in the server.
  13. Great Update ~ Love it <3 !