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  1. Hello there peeps, Winokio here with a few suggestions! 1: Change levels off zones to a lower level, so u can just left click em! (excluded bosses) 2: Create a dropcatcher? (to pick up tickets) 3: Like somebody else said earlier, make a pet invinsible, so u wont pick it up the whole time. (with a ::pickup command) 4: Give a Yell-message on every 'special' drop you get. Thats about it for now, more could be added later! Peace out!
  2. Hello peeps, I'm Winokio in-game, I live in Belgium and i like this server alot! My interests are Tuning of Cars, so i do it also with my car, idk if u people like it! But heres some pictures of my car! Thanks for the Attention!
  3. UPloaded a vid @youtube