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  1. Welcome...
  2. yo nice vid, hmu
  3. Great vid bro Keep going your amazing haha.
  4. Completely delete the cache from previous clients including 5.4 update, then download it again. From looking at the screenschot you provided, It could be a few things causing error.
  5. Wouldn't hurt to have another armour set. I think it's a good idea.
  6. Good luck! +1
  7. Username:Meyr Rank:Super Donator Age:16 Do you understand 55x2 works? Yes, if the host rolls over 55 or on 55 the player who placed the bet wins x2. if the host rolls under 54 the player who placed the bet loses. Do you understand how Blackjack works?:Fairly Simple, Hit or stay, host rolls player decides whether to hit or stay depending on the roll, after the player either busts or stays the host has to beat the player who placed the bet without going over 100 or the host loses, if the host doesn't beat the players roll the host loses. Do you understand how Dice Dueling works?:Yes 2 players with dice bags, either First to 3 wins or first to 5 wins. Each player rolls at the same time the highest roll wins, Now if you were to play First to 5 wins, Each player would have to roll 5 times, and whoever rolls highest each roll to 5 wins. wins the pot. Why should you become a Trusted Dicer?:Well, considering i don't have much playtime on the server. It's just a game i don't see any point in scamming or not paying out even if it cleans you. Cause you can always make your bank back, There's 1 thing i've learned playing rsps if you lose while gambling it happens just have to grind your bank back and try again.