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  1. hey guys i hope to back my owner cape
  2. huh bro i didnt mean the upg cape i mean the normal one
  3. thanks matey for the amazing update
  4. hey everybody today im back to unique-ps just saw the huge update and i was excited for thats and im back to the game before i quit the game i was losing my huge bank and droped my owner cape because i was very mad for my losing to my bank and i hope to 1hit1k0 back it to me <3 peace!!!
  5. hey guys someone keep spam me his name katalystic. and i dont need to talking with him couse i need to be staff ingame and i dont need to lose it so i hope any owner or slaying can talking with him and warning him then im so fine peace guys
  6. hey guys. im need to buy super sponsor rank its costs 75$ bucks for huge offer ! if anyone need pm me ingame and see the offer ithebest my name
  7. hey guys my new vid
  8. hey bro its fine bro no problems
  9. hey guys im ithebest in unique-ps and today when i dicing with cg648 im get dced ( frozen client ) when we dicing he rolled 3 and im 80 and when i join like after 20 secs i tell him i get dced and he said its ok no any problems and we complete the dice like more 3 hours i cleaned him and he mad for me and he send the vid for the forums and if i scam him why i apply for helper ? please any one trust me and help me we dice like some stuff not big stuff so why i should to scammer any one try to listen me and help me and peace out
  10. hey guys i hope to be helper because i worth to take it and thanks for you guys
  11. hey there .. im good player and also active player and need to be a helper and i guess i worth it because i always help ppls in the game and i play thats game like over 5 months and i hope to be a staff and when someone need helps i should to help him for example for the start items or the zones its depends what he want. and thanks guys i hope to 1hit1k0 agree to be a helper ingame