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  1. Good Fight Bro im here to Join : Chillingkill
  2. Username: chillingkill What did you lose?: My acc and i was Donate Ownercape And i have a good items How did you lose it?: Long time i dont join Glitch/hack/scam: Maybe its a glitch / cuz not all know who i am How long ago was this Glitch/hack/scam: i Dont join like 2 monthes If you were hacked, did you have a pin at that time? i have a pin but i think no one hacked me If you were hacked, how did someone access your password or pin?: Has this been investigated by a staff member yet? if yes who?: Not yet If as staff member has investigated your refund did they say you will get it?:Any other comments you would like to make to help with your refund?: Yea i love this server for that i donate And thx
  3. how can i use format ?
  4. my name in game was chillingkill and i have admin in skype he remember me I dont join from like 2 monthes cuz i was in hospital and thx
  5. Hello I cant find acc i was donated a owner cape and i had a good items thx so mush