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  1. I need to talk to you. Get hold of me through Discord. My Discord is Xertha#2900
  2. In-game username: RemusWhen did you start playing?: About two weeks from now, which the date now is 10/18/2017What timezone do you live in?: US CentralWhat days and hours are you usually on?: As much as I am able, which is frequently. I have no job, no school, or anything to hold me back from the server.How old are you: I am 24 years of age, born on 11/30/1992.How do you see yourself as a staff member?: I have had prior history as a staff member, and I follow procedure and rules to the point. I bend them for no player. I exact punishment upon offenders by the action they take.Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: There is no real reason of why anyone is 'fit' to be staff, or have rank of any kind. It is a rank earned, not given. It is something of which comes power, and one can easily be manipulated into abusing that power. That is why careful measures are generally taken into consideration when rank comes into the topic.Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) I have had no offences as of yet, and plan on having none in the future.Which staff member inspires you?: Refund Additional Info: I have had prior history in basic programming, with Java, and I have prior history as Staff on multiple servers, as well as Owner. I have no problem being denied the position. Just take into consideration that some of us truly do wish to help, while others just want the benefits of being able to have the power to sling around.
  3. I think Kami has had enough time banned, and should be allowed to play, again. She's had time away from the server. I'd allow a second chance.
  4. So, seeing as how there is no link, or web-hook leading to the Discord channel that the Owner has created, I have taken it upon myself to try helping by creating one. I will be posting the webhook here, where players may join. There are a few Chat Rooms, a Gambling section, a Market, as well as Staff Lounge areas, for staff discussions. Permissions are already set up, as well as temporary background pictures. <-- This is the Webhook. Owners have a room of their own, as well as Admins. More rooms to come, more channels to appear. Let's see this server get bigger.
  5. VPS down, I think.