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  1. ayeee thanks for the updates mate!!! Also, Congrats Cody!!!
  2. giveaway

    Done boiii
  3. thanks cody. Yeah I just thought about that lol. I can't edit it so... oh well
  4. In-game username: Fear(regular) Iron Fear(Ironman)When did you start playing?: About 2 days ago. I have like 12 hours played in game I think.What timezone do you live in?: ESTWhat days and hours are you usually on?: Pretty much any time of day, around 8+ hours a day How old are you: I turned 24 this JanuaryHow do you see yourself as a staff member?: Just another player in the community. Also, a helpful one!Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: Im extremely helpful once I have the full grasp on the content of the server. I enjoy helping in any way that I can and I'm trustworthy and most importantly not toxic, lol. Offence History and why (Bans mute etc): None that I can recall, honestly. Which staff member inspires you?: Not to be cheesy but honestly, 1hit1k0. Hes extremely helpful. he always makes time to help anyone that needs it, regardless of his schedule or how busy he is. He is dedicated to making us enjoy our time playing Unique. Additional Info: