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  1. Hey guys hope all is well! I've recently got a new drop of "ULTIMATE RING" From the new ::Ultimate Boss, and I would like to sell, or most preferably trade for the amulet or other drops from the chest (as of 07/16/19) If you're interested let me know either in game "ToolieJ" or catch me here and chuck a PM! Cheers ToolieJ!
  2. Heyya Guys ! I'd Love to start by thanking the community for how much they've helped me and if I do become a staff member I will deffenently give back!! So thanks for this opportunity in advance! So to start off my name is Jacob ! My In game user is ToolieJ if you see me you're all welcome to ask me for any assistance I can give ! I started playing around a month ago (15th of June 2019) and I managed to snag myself a really nice community with creating my account ! The timezone in which I live is GMT +10 (Which is Australia, Melbourne). The days in which I play vary due to work and my new born Bubs, but most week nights and yes weekends, hours vary anywhere from 1-5 hours (5 weekends 1-3 weekdays). I am currently 21! The way I see myself as a staff member is someone who helps the community especially in times of need like my Australian hours I have barely any staff on but some people tend to be on I still try to help to my ability, I see myself trying to input more to the community and improve the game to the best of my ability! I also see myself trying to bring more ideas and help on updates if possible! I think I'm fit to be a staff member because I try to help out in the community to the best of my ability as it is and I believe I can put more input in the game showing as a staff member and helping out not only in game but also out of game on forums, discord ect and even just being a good friend !Offence history, in Runescape itself back in like 2007-2010 I swore and got several mutes, I was like 12.. haha thought I'd throw that one in Both 1hit1k0 and Cody Both inspire me as they're great leaders and I look up to them as staff and can hopefully oneway soon join them in their quest to bring the best server in RSPS History! Anything additional that I would like to add... Well I am Australian, two weeks ago I had my first baby (Girl) in which I am enjoying so much! That concludes my Staff application, I hope I can proceed from this and gain everybody's trust and be as much help as possible to the current and new community for years to come! Have a good evening ! Cheers ToolieJ!