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  1. When killing an NPC, their HP resets to one that is way higher than the default HP. For example, if one had 948HP and it was dead, it would reset its HP to 6k+
  2. Format Below: (As your title, please put your name) In-game username: LightWhen did you start playing?: A couple of weeks agoWhat timezone do you live in?: ESTWhat days and hours are you usually on?: All week and usually between 11 AM to 10 PM How old are you: 20How do you see yourself as a staff member?: I see myself as an enforcer of the ToS and Rules, making sure everyone is helped and doing the right thing. I see myself bringing Unique-PS into a higher elevated state, which members are informed of the rules and play respectfully. Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: I have over 6+ years of experience in user-safety and administration on various platforms. I would make sure that the server is in tip-top shape and all of the users are following the rules and are helped adequately. I have owned 2 RSPS's with over 1k members, unfortunately, they were shut down. HR is my background,Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) NoneWhich staff member inspires you?: 1hit1k0 & CodybearFTWAdditional Info: This server is Unique