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  1. Also forgot to add I will only be doing this IF we get to high player count.
  2. I planned on doing a giveaway for this update coming up if its ok. Items I will be giving away are - Cash, Not saying how much it will be Surprise Only staff can know Items Many There will be also Donor rank and super donor for new players. Events will be 1-28/HNS/Triva Again this will only happen if they allow it.
  3. Name: Zulu, Applying for Helper. Join date: October 2 on forums. Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time. I tend to be on everyday, (When I can) I am Currently part of the CAR (Canadian army reserves) I tend to be busy Only on Thursdays and Partly during the Summer, I'm 19 years old and will be turning 20 in June 26. I see my self as a Staff Member due too I enjoy helping me I love questions and I love Answering them, I love too help in anyway I can while in game or on forums. I think I'm Fit to be part of the Staff team Manly do to I know my ways around Unique, (farming gear, Money Making Etc) Who Inspires me the most Would have to be the person who got me to join, Cody (slayingtime) I saw one of his videos a few months back Witch got me to join. Additional Info: I am also currently in School taking Health, Wellness, and Recreation. (Mental Health) Email dylanmurphy1337@outlook.com/Yahoo/gmail I also have Skype if you need just let me know.
  4. Heyo, Name is Zulu or Dylan IRL From Canada 19 year old, I'm currently in the Canadian Army (Part time) So ill tend to be inactive for periods of time. I;m a friendly guy who also likes games so if you see me online hit me up for help
  5. Thank you sorry for the trouble
  6. I used the store on the home page then i noticed it was different from the one on the forums. Name: Zulu Translation ID: PayPal_ Transaction Details.pdf Donation: Donated 40 already, This one is for super sponsor donation.