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  1. Hello Everyone! As you guys probs know,i was offline for a while... had problems irl.. but now im back Lets hope we can see you all in soon again Thanks, Best noob p
  2. Gl with that Ur Owner cape Upgraded you lost to me on diceduel But Gl anyways! Thanks, Best noob p
  3. +1 My love :*
  4. 1hit1k0

    -1,Why? Because you scammed Zyxex,told him 1 is reroll,but its not...And you are lucky you dont have Bans/mutes History,only because i've told him to take video off since i told you to pay him,and secondly i've not seen many times you help someone,and you asking for items many many times.... like begging.. So -1 atm:) Thanks, Best noob p
  5. Defiy,buddy calm down We all make mistakes Be normal and don't get pissed Everything is gonna be fine Thanks, Best Noob P
  6. Thanks my Friend!
  7. Hello Everyone!;) Today i got little bit bored and i made Bank Video ! Check it out Thanks, Best noob p
  8. 55X2: 55+ Guys who bet wins/55- host win Simple Thanks, Best noob p
  9. Username:Best noob pDate/Time of punishment:07.11.2017Punishment received:Ban/Ipmute/jailReason for punishment:I have no idea.. Why should your appeal be accepted:Because i hasen't done anything wrong? Or did i ?Additional Info:Well... i always helpful,happy ? Never been annoying with somebody or anything else like that... so idk what to say else... Thanks, Best noob p
  10. I would say about this 4th one...its not good idea:P Its should stay on or all about ur luck Thanks, Best noob p
  11. Like always,peoples forget to type which staffspot they application for But nice one mate
  12. For more droprate can farm at ::petbox or ::droprate(for droprate boxes) and ::tropic is also good place to start Thanks, Best noob p
  13. First of all mate,for what spot you applicationing for? And secondly i've not seen many times you helping peoples.... Won't say +1 or -1.. Lets see you more active in future and helping peoples Thanks, Best noob p
  14. -1,Why? You are flaiming way to much and you thougth you are rich so everyone else who start is none to you?Nop man And secondly use correct format please Thanks, Best noob p
  15. He told to me yesterday its not working