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  1. Hey Everyone! I have been away for a while again.. Sorry about that... Today i did again one bank Video! Hope you enjoy Thanks, Best noob p
  2. You can help without "title" too Thanks, Best noob p
  3. Hello Everyone! As you guys probs know,i was offline for a while... had problems irl.. but now im back Lets hope we can see you all in soon again Thanks, Best noob p
  4. Gl with that Ur Owner cape Upgraded you lost to me on diceduel But Gl anyways! Thanks, Best noob p
  5. +1 My love :*
  6. 1hit1k0

    -1,Why? Because you scammed Zyxex,told him 1 is reroll,but its not...And you are lucky you dont have Bans/mutes History,only because i've told him to take video off since i told you to pay him,and secondly i've not seen many times you help someone,and you asking for items many many times.... like begging.. So -1 atm:) Thanks, Best noob p
  7. Defiy,buddy calm down We all make mistakes Be normal and don't get pissed Everything is gonna be fine Thanks, Best Noob P
  8. Thanks my Friend!
  9. Hello Everyone!;) Today i got little bit bored and i made Bank Video ! Check it out Thanks, Best noob p
  10. 55X2: 55+ Guys who bet wins/55- host win Simple Thanks, Best noob p
  11. Username:Best noob pDate/Time of punishment:07.11.2017Punishment received:Ban/Ipmute/jailReason for punishment:I have no idea.. Why should your appeal be accepted:Because i hasen't done anything wrong? Or did i ?Additional Info:Well... i always helpful,happy ? Never been annoying with somebody or anything else like that... so idk what to say else... Thanks, Best noob p
  12. I would say about this 4th one...its not good idea:P Its should stay on or all about ur luck Thanks, Best noob p
  13. Like always,peoples forget to type which staffspot they application for But nice one mate
  14. For more droprate can farm at ::petbox or ::droprate(for droprate boxes) and ::tropic is also good place to start Thanks, Best noob p
  15. First of all mate,for what spot you applicationing for? And secondly i've not seen many times you helping peoples.... Won't say +1 or -1.. Lets see you more active in future and helping peoples Thanks, Best noob p