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  1. -1,Why? You are flaiming way to much and you thougth you are rich so everyone else who start is none to you?Nop man And secondly use correct format please Thanks, Best noob p
  2. He told to me yesterday its not working
  3. Server is not down or nothing,so maybe reload client.
  4. I would say hide your "Transaction ID" Just in case buddy Thanks, Best noob p
  5. Thank You Sir!
  6. Thank you y Friend!
  7. I forgot why stay banned ? More info: Use format man,date? Who banned you? How much you scammed and like that Thanks, Best noob p
  8. Thats the reason why recording is so important
  9. Should stay banned for few weeks more Scamming is hardest rule breaking..
  10. As your title, please put your name) In-game username:Best noob pWhen did you start playing?:Today What timezone do you live in?: UTC+02:00 (Finland,Estonia,Etc)What days and hours are you usually on?:Im trying to be online everyday and like 6-8hours How old are you:18How do you see yourself as a staff member?:I see myself good as a staff member,why? Because i love helping peoples and im activeWhy do you think you are fit to become a staff member?:As i said before,im helpful,active and i've played many servers like this one and i know few things about begin Helper! Offence History and why (Bans mute etc): noneWhich staff member inspires you?:Hard to say at the moment because im pretty new... but as i see all staffs are helpful and active Thats great.Additional Info:Im 18 years old,i love to play football irl,and chilling with my friends ! Im helpful(in game and irl),im active in game...trying to fix everyone's problem! Thanks, Best noob p