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  1. i was told by slayingtime that all new staff members start off as helper
  2. the droprate is not for your droprate, its to show what the rate is of a zone. lets say you go to droprateboss you have the 1:450 to get a item but some zones dont tell you what the droprate is.
  3. thank you 1hit
  4. suggestion 7: A necklace that picks up your items as you get them as a drop.
  5. Thanks slayingtime
  6. watch in 720
  7. Slayingtime has given me the idea of this guide and i'm giving him credit for most of this guide.
  8. In-game username: Bart simpson When did you start playing?: around oct 1? cant remember date What timezone do you live in?: central time What days and hours are you usually on?: almost every day and about 5 hours a day How old are you: 22 How do you see yourself as a staff member?: helping others and keeping the peace. i do not get into fights with other players, i keep to myself untill i have to disagree with another player. i am friendly to all players and i welcome all new players Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: I am Friendly and im on almost everyday, and i have been staff on other rsps before. i have been a co-owner/admin/mod/support/helper. Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) None Which staff member inspires you?: refund slayingtime Additional Info: i good to get along with. i have been helping other players on the server sence i started and had to get help myself at first but now im used to the server.
  9. Suggestion 1: A ring that makes its where you cant get frozen by the npc at ::crystalhearts (donors+) Suggestion 2: Tier rings for wealth, 2 rings of wealth used on each other to make a new ring Ring of wealth(i) and 2 ring of Wealth to make a ring of wealth(II) and 2 ring of wealth to make a ring of wealth(III) and ring of wealth(Iv) and ring of wealth(V)(remove the free ring of wealth) and add a ring of wealth zone. Suggestion 3: Offhand pierce rapier with drop-rate of 10%? whatever the mainhand is. Suggestion 4: Drop % for each zone like when you teleport to a zone you get the 1:500 as-well Suggestion 5: Better items in crystal chest and crystal chest added to ::home Suggestion 6: new weapons/zone, GUNS! ak-47 mini-gun and more.
  10. i used the store on forums and i didnt get my rank. 1 Username: bart simpson 2: This email confirms you have paid Said Remzi E. $33.00 USD using PayPal. It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview page. Payment details Receiver email: Amount: $33.00 USD Transaction date: October 13, 2017 Status: Completed Transaction ID: 3AU97664TE4483148 3: $33.00 4: sponor rank