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  1. Username: Zyxex What did you lose?: I didnt get all the extinction and graded parts that I was gambling with Nightmare17 How did you lose it?: he scammed saying that if he hits 1 in ft3 he has to re-rollGlitch/hack/scam: SCAMHow long ago was this Glitch/hack/scam: it was some hours agoIf you were hacked, did you have a pin at that time? -If you were hacked, how did someone access your password or pin?: - Has this been investigated by a staff member yet? if yes who?: -If as staff member has investigated your refund did they say you will get it? : -Any other comments you would like to make to help with your refund?: i have some witneses that saw I won, it was all the extinction parts and the graded parts that NIghtmare17 had, as I won and I didn`t want to clean him I told him to keep his rapier so he could re build. I have the video proof, about the FT3, and then he tryied to convince me to re-play..... (the audio is in spanish, thats why any1 will understand XD) I hope I get the parts that I deserve ( in the video i say it was 6 extinction parts , but then I realised it was like 8 exticntion parts, it was a set + 2 or 3) and also a graded set. @sauree and dropit are witnesses of what happened video-1510978190.mp4 video-1510978209.mp4
  2. nice bank u lucky ass =D, and also ur non-donor thats fascinating hehe