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  1. Welcome back bud!
  2. Another fix would be having c keys and c chest be kinda worth getting. maybe give items that are better than starting gear and possibly a rare item of drop rate %
  3. Another fix is Beacon Ring or 12% ring. doesn't give the droprate %
  4. Random: 1: Right clicking an npc and examining them would tell you their drop rate. (ex. 1:550) 2: Making trivia and type first get items more frequent. (ex. Who ever types ;;fa$gg59jw first wins) 3: Typing Welcome in clan chat and ;;yell doesn't work. just says that word is blocked sir. 4: Possibly fix the bug where your stats get reset. (but don't really get reset) 5: Possibly making a prestige system with some decent loot. 6: Having a custom slayer with custom task that would give players random loot. (ex. Beginner task kill spongebob 30 times) 7: Possibly upgrading the starter gear with a little bit more drop rate % (grinding from starter gear to tropic is to hard for new players with only 6%) 8: Fixing 6% ring and making it a drop at an npc. Zone: 1: I know every one would hate it but having a zone and a custom npc that would drop Owners Cape. But having the drop rate at like 1;5000 or 1;10000 making people like me who cant donate would have a chance at getting Owners Cape. Items: 1: Making an item that will pickup your rare drops would be awesome. This is all i have in mind for now. Will post more when more comes to mind. Thank you for reading Sincerely Solnes
  5. In-game username: SolnesWhen did you start playing?: I have been playing since 5.1 so a few monthsWhat timezone do you live in?: CentralWhat days and hours are you usually on?: I am on everyday after 8 pm Central How old are you: I am currently 22How do you see yourself as a staff member?: I see my self as a staff member cause i really enjoy helping people as much as i can.Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: I am fit for this position because i am always in a helping mood. I am very cheerful mood.Offence History and why: (Bans, mute, etc) NoneWhich staff member inspires you?: Since I've been on there hasn't been much staff online but my inspired staff member would be 1hit1k0. He has always been such a good help and an really nice person to talk to. Additional Info: I do have some experience with being a staff member. i have been admin on 2 servers, mod on 3 and helper on 5+ Thank you for reading and taking the time for looking over my application. Sincerely, Solnes