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  1. Very nice Apply Killer12. I think you are fit to try out the helper position as long as you show fit which you have been, keep it up man. also this would help us to get staff from other timezones which is helpful, goodluck man! -slayingtime
  2. very nice guide man i see you on here and there and you seem to be a really nice guy keep up the good work with helping people and i can see it working for you, goodluck man!
  3. Also if you get bored grinding at any zone. just go to ::dpoints (or a different one depending on your ingame donator status) and grind there because every kill counts there, as you are saving up the dp points from kills to buy donation point scrolls for donor points which those get you the nice items in the donor shop ingame, also you can get 12.5k donor point scrolls and 10k scrolls dropped from ::dpoints npcs! very handy Thanks, Slaying Time
  4. but for the ammount of time its going to take you to get tropic with them only being 2% per piece they dont help asmuch thats why i gave those as my choices as good places to start because ive still seen people with just the 2% starting items get drops at ::graded and ::droprateboss and ::dpoints and they will help more than tropic but as of droprate boxes some people are lucky with them im not so i dont train there much myself but i have seen many drop and same for petbox ive only got one of those to drop so far myself,
  5. Once you log in and claim your 4% free droprate from the npc at home (make sure you are on the latest client which is 5.2 ATM) after that go to either ::droprateboss for 15% amulet and 18% gloves. ::graded for 12% armour piece rare drops with strength bonus on each piece. ::dpoints to grind donator status ingame and other helpful droprate items ::unique for good cash drops and chance at extiontion armour drops really rare drops but they are better than graded armour i hope this helps you and i hope to see you ingame! soon more updates will be coming!! also pm me or others ingame if you need help with things staff are here to help you whenever there online too cya guys
  6. thank you for being honest with me and staying cool when talking to me you seem like a really honest person and you even helped us with a bug thanks again for that, i have approved this myself for now but 1hit1k0 or admin will make a permanent aproval , unjailed, and thank you for co-operating.
  7. beginner

    very nice cant wait to see some more vids keep up the good work
  8. hey man you should be unbanned try to login and we will get you unjailed sorry about this it was a big inconvenience i was told something wrong and im truly sorry for that
  9. you seem to know what you are doing staff wise we have talked a bit ingame, and you also seem to be vary active and like to help new players so they stay in the game +1 from me bro i hope you get the position!
  10. Droprate guides: RANKS: REGULAR DONATOR- 10% DROPRATE SUPER DONATOR- 20% DROPRATE SPONSOR- 25% DROPRATE SUPER SPONSOR 50% DROPRATE MASTER DONATOR- 75% DROPRATE (THESE ARE THE DROPRATES YOU HAVE WITH NO ARMOUR ON WHEN YOU HAVE DONATOR STATUS) ARMOURS: Erality Armour Pieces - 5% droprate each piece Army Armour Pieces - 10% droprate each piece Tropic Armour Pieces - 15% droprate each piece Previty Armour Pieces- 20% droprate each piece Serenity Armour Pieces- 35% droprate each piece Diamond Armour Pieces- 45% droprate each piece Icyene Armour Pieces- 60% droprate each piece WEAPONS: Regular Owners Cape- 35% droprate Upgraded Owners Cape- 100% droprate Perfect Sword- 20% droprate Snow Torva Whip - 24% droprate OMG Whip Cyan Halo Sword- 12% droprate Chaseblade Axe- 10% droprate Hell Blade- 6% droprate Machette- 14% droprate Legends Blade- 4% droprate Lightning Torva Slicer- 16% droprate Piercer Rapier- 25% droprate Golden Claws- 35% droprate Unique Claws- 30% droprate Super Sponsor Sword +2- 50% droprate Recor Blade- 135% droprate Icy Gun- 110% droprate Automatic Gun- 110% droprate Dragon Katana- 70% droprate Extreme Katana- 85% droprate Greenite Sword-85% droprate Snow Serpentine Helm- 20% droprate Abyssal Slayer Helm- 35% droprate Black Barrette (helm)- 15% droprate 6% Ring- 6% droprate 12% Ring- 12% droprate 50% Ring- 50% droprate 50% Amulet- 50% droprate 50% Gloves (Flame Gloves)- 50% droprate Shadow Spirit Shield- 50% droprate [you get 200% droprate starting the game:)] Easter Ring- 10% droprate 35% Cape- 35% droprate 65% Gloves- 65% droprate 65% Ring- 65% droprate 65% Cape- 65% droprate Ying Yang Amulet- 25% droprate White Shield- 30% droprate Black Shield- 45% droprate Fashion Shield- 70% droprate Super Sponsor Icon- 40% droprate PETS: Dagannoth Supreme Egg- 10% droprate Chaos Elemental Jr Egg- 15% droprate Kree Arra Egg- 20% droprate Prince Black Dragon Egg- 25% droprate Commander Zilyana Egg- 35% droprate General Graardor Egg- 45% droprate Bank Pet Egg- 70% Droprate Tzrek-jad Egg- 100% Droprate Tzrek-Beast Egg- 150% Droprate Tzrek-Beast Mini Egg- 175% Droprate Tzrek Beast (Upgraded) Egg- 200% Droprate [when you summon your pet thats when they will help you fight and with droprate:)]