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  1. So I was in the making of my Zero to hero video and though of a bunch of great ideas to help the server in content here they are feel free to comment your thoughts. Add a Kill count beside each player name upon yelling and have a requirement of yelling when first joining (Unless Staff/Donator. Add a command for staff to send a broadcast system announcement to alert people of a sale on donations or a youtuber has uploaded a giveaway video or is streaming and post there link there on the client kind of like a yell command or a current hot spot guide that was recently posted on forums Please add Well of good will at home area Add a pvm point shop where you can get pvm points every 3 kills is the equivalent to 1 point in the shop we could possibly add some omega potions in there for decent money we could add in alot of stuff. Can we add the collector level 5 fashion things but add a drop rate to them and have it exclusive to donators only? @tristen @1hit1k0
  2. Cool looking forward to it @tristen Keep me updated!
  3. Suggestions By Fashion God So what i was thinking is having a level system to certain zones for pvm such as we can add a whole bunch of new zones with requirements to get there such as kill 500 of mboxs and after the next zone it would be a requirement of 800 of gold dragonics + 30 mini games completed to advance into the next zone. that's what I think we could do So another thing i thought we could do is have a Diary for achievements for pvm such as first achievement would be kill 30 mboxes. We could do that with everything in the game and have a reward with it as well nothing that could break the eco but something extra we can work toward just to say yeah I have a completed diary.
  4. In-game username: Fashion GodWhen did you start playing?:1 1/2 years agoWhat timezone do you live in?: (UTC - 05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)What days and hours are you usually on?: from around 9:00am to 10:00pm at nightHow old are you: I am 22How do you see yourself as a staff member?:I am a chill relaxed person in general who has a lot of caring personality a Dedicated player who seeks only the best for the future of Unique-Ps.Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?:I see my self a type of person to help answer questions about the server & I'm always online no matter then circumstances and I am a dedicated loyal player.Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) I Can't remember any so no.Which staff member inspires you?:To be honest The number one staff member that inspires me is @tristen He has helped me in many cases I cannot even count in game issues forum related guides starter help ect all the general base knowledge I know today about unique ps is from him. other then that @1hit1k0 has inspired me to start Creating content for the server and I enjoy it not only because of the fact I am doing it for him I do it for the audience aswell. Additional Info:
  5. giveaway

    Done Btw Wasgud Unique Ps Been awhile since I been here