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  1. In-game username:Da MaxWhen did you start playing?:Not sure,but I've played for a long long time. lol.What timezone do you live in?:Central, I play A LOT though.What days and hours are you usually on?:Nearly every day, and hours differ, depending on when I get my son.How old are you:21How do you see yourself as a staff member?:I am a pretty helpful player, and I love this server and the community.Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?:I feel like I know the server quiet well and I help a good bit already Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) NONEWhich staff member inspires you?:TristenAdditional Info:I've been playing for... i feel like it's been at least a year, i may be wrong. Just now got back to where i can play rsps since my son is getting a little older.
  2. Username:No Trade Age:20 Subscribers:Idk, I don't upload yet Why should you be a youtuber:I plan on making kinda like an IronMan Series to get something new started on the server. At the moment I can't upload due to my Internet, but until I can I'll make Loot from 1k (whatever npc) guides or w.e on forums.
  3. 50% ring and ammy won't be 50% anymore.
  4. add MixBox drop to the yell thingy. i almost missed mine because it didnt pop up on yell. make summoning stay 135/135 make all npcs attackable via left click option
  5. add 1q ticket converter to change them to 1b/2b tix like you can change 2b for 1bs and stuff. droprates are still whack i think. (too little drops for ppl with 80+ dr)
  6. Donors don't get +10 etc?
  7. +1, youre a really helpful player and you'd be an excellent mod.