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  1. if the vps down then you got to wait till staff restart not much else we can do
  2. Username: boogieboy196 What did you lose?: x2 extinction platebodys 1 peirced rapier 2 bank pets 1 greenite sword 56 1q tickets 2m 2b tickets How did you lose it?:hacked i thinkGlitch/hack/scam: hackHow long ago was this Glitch/hack/scam: 5 days ago If you were hacked, did you have a pin at that time? yesIf you were hacked, how did someone access your password or pin?: no idea Has this been investigated by a staff member yet? if yes who?: not yetIf as staff member has investigated your refund did they say you will get it?:Any other comments you would like to make to help with your refund?: i logged in morning before and had all items then logged out thinking acc was safe as had bank pin and all items where in bank
  3. i take it no staff gonna look into this because i not donated rip
  4. logged in this morning and have had all tradables gone from account items taken x2 extinction platebodys 56 1q tickets 2m 2b tickets x2 bank pets i had 99% dr now not worth playing also 1 peirced rapier
  5. you can reset all stats back just by death you dont lose anything
  6. will support this application for staff 100% very helpfull and always willing to help plus 1 from me
  7. if there is a problem 1hit1k0 will fix i hope your luck gets better
  8. nice guide
  9. still having problems with stats resetting while fighting
  10. well goodbye all i have tried new client and think it is worse than old one am going to new server better eco might come back we will see but everyone has made me feel welcome so gl with all your unique journeys
  11. was wondering if in future there would be an offhand dr weapon but with maybe 1/2 the dr of mainhand thought might be a good idea hope to see comments either plus or minus my idea
  12. ty 1hit1ko very much