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  1. Since I see a lot of players asking around what to farm etc i'll make a simple guide. at first you'd want to get the get the 2% boots and gloves from the guy at home right next to the chests. after that you'd either want to farm ::tropic for the first gear set (gloves dont give dr bonus) or try get a piercer rapier which is the 2nd best weapon in the game. i would suggest getting the tropic armor first. in my opinion the best way to get the piercer rapier is farm ::droprate they give 500 2b tickets every kill and a chance of dropping droprate boxes which can give piercer rapier as loot if you are a bit lucky, or you can sace up 20000 2b tickets and buy Super mystery boxes at the 2b whore at home (they can also give piercer rapier i got 2 this way), you can also try to get more money by getting 1q tickets drops from either ::1q zone or from boxes ( for box drops see box guide thread). after you get your tropic gear and piercer rapier its time to get yin yang amulet from the ogres at ::1bgreedyzone. when you're done getting the ammy its time to head to ::dpoints and farm for the super donator ticket, i did this mostly for the droprate bonus. also dont forget to get a off hand my choice was blackshield you unlock the teleport after you get the super donator status after that you can do a lot of stuff but i recommend getting a ::tzrek pet first (it gives 12% dr) and if you can like you can upgrade it a few times to tzrek beast (upgraded) it gives 16% if you want to get the next pet just right click the tzrek pet and click teleport, if you do that a few times and have the last 2 eggs teleport home and click the upgrade pet chest and you get your upgraded tzrek beast pet. or you can just farm a lot of monsters check out ::commands for teleports and ::droprates to see your odds of getting a drop. and if you have any further questions just post them down here or ask me in game you'll find out what to do as you play longer ^^
  2. so i have to farm everything over again?
  3. So I logged back in for the first time in like 2 weeks and now all my good equipment is gone and the client keeps crashing.