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  1. Wow, I see this suggestion has stirred up a lot of interesting feedback. I can understand all parties opinions. I am very pleased that 1hit1k0 wouldn't mind to see something like this in the possible future.
  2. Hello guy's, I have a suggestion that I think would benefit the server and players on the server in a huge way. So I would like to suggest that the "Owner Cape" be an achievable item in-game. This would benefit players who can not afford to donate to the server, by giving them the chance to earn their very own owner cape. It will greatly benefit the server by inviting players to be more dedicated and it would also attract endless amounts of new players as very few rsps's offer players an opportunity like this. To achieve this goal you would need something like: 10,000,000 NPC kills, 10,000,000 Unique-ps points, 10,000,000 Custom points and 10,000 1Q checks. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment in regards to how you feel about my suggestion.
  3. @sirdope. ::sponsordritems drops 20%ammy and 18%ring......still yet to find out if it drops anything else.
  4. damn nice bud, those sets of arm are hella nice
  5. damn son. bank maker right there!
  6. Aye!!!!!!
  7. Like. But no understand.
  8. got to try get that. IGN: Big bong hit
  9. vids getting better and better. great work keep it up bud.