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  1. to sign up for giveaway please comment ign , subscribe to my channel and turn on post notifications
  2. welcome to to team & server
  3. @skk You need to be more active . as of right now . its a no but very well could change
  4. @Jay You need to be more active , as of right now its a no .
  5. @da max You need to be more active , as of rn its a no.
  6. @Sir Dope if you want staff you need to be more active , as of right now , its a no.
  7. make sure to hit that subscribe button to see more future content-gambling & giveaways!
  8. @chillingkill95 Sign up thru youtube Please & thank you .
  9. To sign up for giveaway , Like this video, comment ign & ofcourse subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching and stay tuned for future content
  10. As for #1 there is ::droprateitems , and as for the prices will be added soon dw, our economy may not be 100% right now , but it will get better, as for #7, we have discord as for #8 we have plenty of pets & plenty more to come As for #9 you can obtain x2 xp lamps from mystery boxes @mbox , as for #10 that is not an easy task but we have talked about it a little bit and probably adding more upgrading pets- maybe even items in the near future as for the the suggestions I didn't just mention , that would all be up to @1hit1k0 But great ideas! - Best regards-tristen
  11. Hope this is helpful for everyone Thanks for watching and be sure to stay tuned for more guides!
  12. To Sign up , Subscribe to my channel , like my video & comment ign Thanks for watching & be sure to stay tuned
  13. Everyone make sure to go like and comment ign on my recent giveaway! :):) Moderatortristen

  14. @Sir Dope @big bong hit All owner capes will remain the same but for the people who cant donate for them they very well be given a chance to get a lesser owner cape in the near future tristen