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Developer, youtuber, Admin, Forums or in-game mod

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In-game username: Tassadar

When did you start playing?: early November, 20017

What timezone do you live in?: Eastern Standard Time

What days and hours are you usually on?: sunday to Monday, 5pm - 3am

How old are you: 32

How do you see yourself as a staff member?: I see myself helping out new players learn the game, possibly adding new content to the server or fixing/updating whats currently in it, creating youtube videos to bring in more players, I can monitor forums or discord to keep it clear of trash.

Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: I'm a honorably discharged marine, great with working as a team. I am experienced in coding, have a few years under my belt as an admin, owner, moderator, forums administrator. Ive taken courses in Business Administration and can help bring in more players and donations.

Offence History and why (Bans mute etc)  I have commited no offences while playing on this server.

Which staff member inspires you?: as I have yet to meet any staff online, offline staff I would have to say the server owner for putting in the time and effort to get the server to where it is today.

Additional Info:  Single father of 1, I'm responsible, honorable and hard working. I have an ongoing addiction to runescape private servers, I enjoy playing on and working with new servers to help them grow, I'm patient and understanding in most situations but I don't tolerate stupidity. I can be hard when I need to be but always try to be fair in my actions.


I can offer more information on myself if needed


hope to hear from you soon


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You have my support tassadar. 100%


I have played many rsps's with tass and never the less has always been a very supportive player/admin/mod/friend.:D

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