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Username: Renel

Rank: Super Donator

Age:21 years old

Do you understand 55x2 works? Yes 55x2 is a game where the host is to roll a dice and if the dice rolls 55 or below then they loose there winnings if they roll higher then or equal to 55 then they get a x2 of there reward

Do you understand how Blackjack works?: black jack is a situated game where when a hoster rolls a dice and they got to get a higher number then the defender hoster always goes last in this game and if you go over 100 its a loss.

Do you understand how Dice Dueling works?:dice dueling is when 2 people with dice bags decide ft3 or ft5 wins then in the match the 2 people roll at the same time and highest number wins first out of 3 or 5 has to be discussed between the players. if rolled a 0 then the person who rolled a 0 re rerolls the dice.

Why should you become a Trusted Dicer?: I should become a trusted dicer because count of the number of the times I have been cleaned here I still paid out the pot and on top of that I am loyal to the server I have been cleaned to the last dime and still continued to grind to make bank back. I am trustworthy with items at this point I have borrowed over 4kq in my time being here and paid it all off or have given it all back, at this current time I am borrowing @Tristen recor blade and he lent me owner boots and a ton more and I have always given back when he needed it :)!

Thanks for reading my submit and I really enjoy this server to the Tee.

Sincerely, Renel

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