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Hey guys its been awhile since I logged on as you all have most likely seen I'm now working as a web developer and I can't be apart of this community anymore :( I wish I got to know you all better it has been a pleasure to be working with all of you but I do want to say one thing and that one thing is it was a pleasure playing on this server with you all! you have no idea how long it took me to make this decision. 

I want to be never forgotten and you guys are an amazing community with a lot of friendliness to give I hope this doesn't change while I'm away!

Keep the grinding up guys.

I will miss you all.

And a message for my bro Tristen its not because you cleaned me that I quit it's just I got pursue this dream of mine and I will not stop until I have reached it been a pleasure Tristen :) miss you already!

This is my farewell, And ill see you guys hopefully in the future.


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