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So I was in the making of my Zero to hero video and though of a bunch of great ideas to help the server in content here they are :) feel free to comment your thoughts.

Add a Kill count beside each player name upon yelling and have a requirement of yelling when first joining (Unless Staff/Donator.
Add a command for staff to send a broadcast system announcement to alert people of a sale on donations or a youtuber has uploaded a giveaway video or is streaming and post there link there on the client kind of like a yell command or a current hot spot guide that was recently posted on forums
Please add Well of good will at home area
Add a pvm point shop where you can get pvm points every 3 kills is the equivalent to 1 point in the shop we could possibly add some omega potions in there for decent money we could add in alot of stuff.
Can we add the collector level 5 fashion things but add a drop rate to them and have it exclusive to donators only?
@tristen @1hit1k0 

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