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Light's Staff Application

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Format Below:

(As your title, please put your name)

In-game username: Light

When did you start playing?: A couple of weeks ago

What timezone do you live in?: EST

What days and hours are you usually on?: All week and usually between 11 AM to 10 PM

How old are you: 20

How do you see yourself as a staff member?: I see myself as an enforcer of the ToS and Rules, making sure everyone is helped and doing the right thing. I see myself bringing Unique-PS into a higher elevated state, which members are informed of the rules and play respectfully.

Why do you think you are fit to become a staff member?: I have over 6+ years of experience in user-safety and administration on various platforms. I would make sure that the server is in tip-top shape and all of the users are following the rules and are helped adequately. I have owned 2 RSPS's with over 1k members, unfortunately, they were shut down. HR is my background,

Offence History and why (Bans mute etc) None

Which staff member inspires you?: 1hit1k0 & CodybearFTW

Additional Info: This server is Unique ;)

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