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Unique-Ps Suggestions #1

Unique-Ps Suggestions #1   5 members have voted

  1. 1. What would you like to see in the next update

    • Kill count beside each player name upon yelling and have a requirement of yelling when first joining (Unless Staff/Donator)
    • Pvm point shop where you can get pvm points every 3 kills is the equivalent to 1 point in the shop we could possibly add some omega potions in there for decent money we could add in alot of stuff
    • Well of good will at home area
    • A level system to certain zones for pvm such as we can add a whole bunch of new zones with requirements to get there such as kill 500 of mboxs and after the next zone it would be a requirement of 800 of gold dragonics + 30 mini games completed to advance into the next zone
    • Add Ironman sign to ::yell and also re-name [Ironman]
    • Remove [Yell] and leave just [Owner]:Name etc
    • Change some items model ints,mostly weapons like starter weapon,ice katana etc

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