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  2. 🌟Username: TheProod 👦Age: 21 🌍Where are you from: I currently live in Spain but I am from the Dominican Republic 🕰️Time zone: standard hourly capital of spain. How many you can spend daily on the game: I can play at any time as long as I'm at home. Why you want to be part of the staff team: I like to help new members is like it's a job for me it makes me feel good to share all my experience with others. Why I should choose you over others: I've been personal here and on various servers like beastpk TizenX DominationX etc., I'm good at it and I have good things to
  3. After a long absence due to private reasons we are back with a big update! Here's a summary of what we've done 1. ::Slayer For a few weeks we've been reworking on Slayer with a comprehensive and much better system than before. There are 2 new pets with Damage Bonus. To get an idea of what slayer looks like: 2. ::flowerpoker / ::fp / ::gamble We also worked hard to finish Flower Poker and here is the result: 3. ::teleports - World Map We have also adapted the Teleports interface. 4.
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