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!!!Application for moderator or server support!!!

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🌟Username: TheProod

👦Age: 21

🌍Where are you from: I currently live in Spain but I am from the Dominican Republic

🕰️Time zone: standard hourly capital of spain.

How many you can spend daily on the game: I can play at any time as long as I'm at home.

Why you want to be part of the staff team: I like to help new members is like it's a job for me it makes me feel good to share all my experience with others.

Why I should choose you over others: I've been personal here and on various servers like beastpk TizenX DominationX etc., I'm good at it and I have good things to teach them.

What are some useful skills you have: especially helping people that I feel is my responsibility.

Staff experience: as I said earlier I have enough as I have been part of the staff on different servers

How long have you played Unique-Ps: I've been on this server for a long time, you already know me xd.

In a short paragraph, explain "you will do it with your position: Protect this server at all costs as there are many people who do not take this wax will be there when necessary wait for me 🙂

What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted: I hope that this server will be recognized as a server recommended by all for all audiences something very healthy will be for everyone I hope they do their part to achieve all this.

                                                  I count on your support to achieve this either as a staff or as a member who will be waiting for me......

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